This is a blog where I have posted my crative writings and write-up. This also included my poems and other stuff.

I Need You ! (Poem)

♠ Posted by Abhijit Bangal at 10:53 PM
I need you as the deserts need the rain,
Deep in my heart you will always remain !

I need you like a baby needs its mother,
In my heart, except you, there is no one other !

I need you like the grass needs water,
When you are with me, I have nothing to bother !

I need you like a light in utter darkness,
You are really an epitome of kindness !

I need you as a hungry-one needs to eat,
Tell me, when are we going to meet !

I need you as life needs air,
In your judgement you are always fair !

I need you as a blind-one needs sight,
I think of you every day and night !

I need you as a deaf-one needs to hear,
Your absense, in my eyes brings many a tear !

So oh, dear, don't fear, come near
Becayse I need you and I love you !