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♠ Posted by Abhijit Bangal at 3:22 AM
Is man going away from honesty ?

Well, to answer that question is a largely a personal issue. But whatever, there are some human values that always remain. They are here to stay. Some stories are very famous about this in the Indian context.
Once upon a time, there was a poor woodcutter. He was so poor that, if any day he failed to cut wood and sell it, then he would have to go to bed empty-stomuched. It was difficult to make both ends meet for him. But this poor man was a man of ethics. He sold wood at reaonable rates in spite of his poor economic condition. He would never lie for his benefit. This continued for days together, but still his condition would not improve. One day when he was cutting wood near a river, his iron axe happened to fall in the river. He was stunned. He saw darkness in front him. He saw his wife going hungry. He saw his children crying for food. He saw, that he was in no condition to provide them with their necessities. As he sat under the tree crying, from the river imerged WaterGod and asked him the reason for his helplessness. He was surprised to the the God, but related to Him all that had happened.
The Lord was sympathetic towards him. He on His own offered him His services. So down went He and came up with a golden axe. "Is this your axe my good man ?" The poor man replied in the negative. So the Lord went down again and this time came up with a golden axe studded with diamonds. "Is this your axe my good man ?" The Lord repeated his question. The poor man again refused. The Lord was observing all this. He went down the third time and this time came up with an iron axe. As soon as the poor man saw his good old axe, he was overjoyed. His joys knew no bounds. He sprang up and requested the Lord to give him his axe.
The WaterGod was very impressed with the poor man's honesty. And as a reward for his honesty, gave him all the three axes.
The moral of the story is -- HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY.
In this wonderful world don't be surprised if you come across people like this. The good Lord above has made all kinds of men. So always see the glass half full.